Agender and agnostic: On non-binary and religious identification

I’m inside my very early 40s, and I feel too-old to abandon the sex I happened to be assigned at beginning. It really is April 2022, and I’m seated in a waiting space with standard white wall space and gray carpet, wondering why my gender realisation got so long.

Deeply within Melbourne’s 2nd significant COVID-19 lockdown, an epiphany have been making from inside the north suburbs. It surfaced from my subconscious like a narwhal piercing an ice sheet featuring its horn.

“I am not saying a lady,” we thought to the mirror. The white face appearing straight back, framed by long mouse-brown tresses, unveiled no noticeable proof of the statement, which petered completely to the silence associated with restroom.


n my personal very early 20s, I’d dropped in deep love with a female the very first time, and was actually attempting to make feeling of my orientation. Having forgotten the life of queer people signalled the apocalypse to a few of my loved ones people, I asked one due to their applying for grants same-sex connections.

“Gay individuals are spiritually ill,” they mentioned matter-of-factly, without examining myself. “It really is unfortunate, but that’s ways God-made them.”

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I had argued: “You believe Jesus is infallible, so just how can homosexual men and women end up being sick if Jesus


them by doing this?” But my protests moved dismissed. At the same time, I happened to be accustomed to defying my children. We swiftly stated a bisexual identification, overlooking their tight-lipped disapproval.

2 decades on, coping with trauma-related mental worry, i’ve chosen you need to keep consitently the tender fact about my gender – or shortage thereof – from my loved ones. At the moment, at the least.

“whenever you can’t inform the difference between one and a lady, that’s a yes sign Satan is actually among us, and the globe is originating.” I remember whenever a family member sent that proclamation with fervour, well before I knew the phrase


. It absolutely was a significantly planted seed.


uring my personal late thirties and into my very early forties, I practiced a series of tourist attractions to freely transgender individuals. These people ended up being AFAB and non-binary, plus they reflected personal experiences back once again to myself.

The penny fell. My continuous disquiet with gender roles, the impression of disconnection from my human body, the moments of anger when anyone put gendered expectations on me, the persistent feeling of maybe not belonging to either ‘female’ or ‘male’ teams: it had been all there.

The epiphany had been repressed beneath concern.


uring the lockdowns, some relatives began stockpiling food in preparation for End. This stirred right up recollections from the outdated homophobic and transphobic indoctrinations that my loved ones no longer talk about.

The vacuum-sealed dry products spoke on their own. The raising heaps of flour, grain and processed products: a note that exactly who i’m – neither guy nor girl – continues to be an embodiment of bad, in their eyes.

As an agnostic, in my opinion that the presence of Jesus can not be proven or disproven. Much like sex, truly experiential. We draw parallels between getting agnostic and agender: both are non-binary. I believe that my personal agnosticism is actually my non-binary character show on a spiritual amount. This intersection makes arriving at conditions with getting agender more challenging.

Basically happened to be atheist, it could probably be much easier to cure doubt.


y sex epiphany accompanied the exact same pattern as realising I’m gay – through appeal to a different individual – but felt more difficult. After a while, we involved discover functions, principles and expectations positioned on myself through recognized sex progressively abhorrent.

If you ask me, sex is actually a performance, perhaps not a reality.

While I don’t imagine I’d shed my children easily came out for them, it may upsurge in the regularity of undesired conversion efforts. The pain brought on by the transphobic narratives is strangely amplified by identification that my family really intend to protect me. Their own love has never been in question.


o, returning to in which we began.

It’s April 2022 and I also’m wishing during the cosmetic surgery clinic for a breast decrease consult. I’m convinced that perhaps no boobs no hard nipples is a truer visual for an agender agnostic? If God is present, they most likely don’t have nipples. I enjoy believe, if God is actually real, they will transcend binaries. Maybe however’d have a God well worth hoping to.

The surgeon appears and phone calls us to the woman consulting space. I sit-in the seat next to the table.

“i would like a small a mug,” I inform her. ”


, for agender.”

S.V. Plitt is actually a queer Melbourne author and college student regarding the Associate level written down & Editing at RMIT University. Their particular writing is Highly Commended when you look at the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards Unpublished Manuscript competitors 2022, shortlisted inside the Odyssey home short-story reward 2018 and released when you look at the Darebin magazine n-SCRIBE 2022.

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